What’s my story? I am your average everyday girl that loves to eat. When I was younger I had the luxury to eat what I wanted when I wanted.  I ate the standard junk foods: fast food, cookies, pizza, Chinese food, etc.  You name it, I ate it, yet I never gained a single pound! Lucky me and that awesome metabolism of mine, right? When I got to high school, I ate even more junk food, but I also worked out (hardcore) every other day for 2 hours in gym class.  So once again, I was able to stay at 130 pounds!

     After those first two years of high school, I was no longer so lucky. I slowly saw the weight creep up. After high school, reality started kicking in. I left high school weighing 150. I became the typical yo-yo dieter.  I gained weight and then lost a bit.

I would gain it back and lose some of it, but overall the number on the scale kept getting bigger.
I tried all the diets you could think of; I did every work out in the book and bought all the useless diet products on the store shelves. I started to pick up bad eating behaviors.  All of my activities with my boyfriend, friends and family revolved around eating.  I ate in order to cope with anxiety and lost all self-control because I would eat anything and everything that looked good.  Bottom line: I gave up.  My attitude changed from “I am going to lose weight” to “who cares it’s just food, right?” I became inactive, stopped exercising and got an office job where I sat on my butt all day long. Want to know where that all got me? Nowhere.  I was now 54 pounds heavier. Yes, 54 pounds heavier and weighing 204.  With 54 more pounds, I was now completely and utterly unhappy with what I had done to myself. 
     So what is a person supposed to do when they’re unhappy about something? You’re supposed to DO something about it and that’s exactly what I did. I saw an ad for this diet and decided to give a try.  It was my last hope.  I used that little magical bottle and started murdering every ounce of fat in my body. It sounds funny, but the results I saw really were magical!  The supplement, along with a very strict diet of only protein, vegetables and fruits helped me lose weight. I am now proud to say that I am 155 pounds! The drops helped me lose an average of 1 to 2 pounds a DAY! 

     This diet not only helped me lose weight, but helped me gain will power, fight temptations and change my eating habits.  I am not where I want to be and still want to lose more weight, but the supplement made me feel so good about myself, that I wanted to share this product with the world.